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1st time boarders at our primary home on 76th Ave in
East Oakland get $10 Off/day
& free pick up and drop off service*

Established in 2009


Tom Jordan and Judith Maguire have been friends since 1993 when they were both chefs working together at Lalime's restaurant in Berkeley. They each watched the other's dogs whenever one went on vacation, and occasionally friends would ask them to watch their dogs.


When Judith wanted to transition out of the restaurant business she saw a need for home-based dog boarding instead of the traditional kennel-style boarding, and Dogs of Berkeley was born.

Judith's home in the Berkeley Hills was the primary boarding location until she moved to NJ in 2014 to care for her parents. Since then, Tom's house in Oakland has become the main boarding site and 2 'satellite' locations have been added. These annexes are dog loving friends who take 1 - 3 dogs when Tom's house is full. Debbie is located near downtown Berkeley and Stefanie is in N. Oakland's Bushrod neighborhood.
In all of our homes, your dog is treated like one of the family and we are with them 24/7. Each day the dogs get a long hike in one of our beautiful regional parks, an outing to a local dog park, or 2 neighborhood walks. They spend the rest of the day playing and lounging around on beds, couches or in our sunny yards.

We also provide weekday group walks in a limited service area that

includes Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, and Kensington. 
*Restictions Apply

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